Is FinTech InCred Really Incredible?

Last week, fintech enabled lending firm InCred raised $100MM, marking a sizable Series A for a company that is 3 years old. 

Big Bank Bucks

Looking to setup education loan lender SoFi’s equivalent in India, ex Deutsche Bank banker Bhupinder Singh quit his job to setup InCred. 

Like most startup founders, Mr Singh set out to disrupt an already existing market (education loans) with technology (data-driven creditworthiness).

Will India’s Fintech Revolution Continue?

Last week, risk assessment startup CreditVidya raised $3MM, insurance tech startup Kruzr raised $2MM, mutual funds platform Groww raised $7MM and lending tech startup MoneyOnClick raised $3MM

Deploying $15MM in 4 diverse companies over one week is a strong signal of how particularly interesting financial technology in India is.