Can Ather Be India’s Tesla?

Last week, homegrown electric scooter startup Ather Energy raised $51MM in to help transform last mile transportation. 

Battery of Dreams

Far from the slick scooter that the company has today, Ather had humble beginnings in the incubator of IIT Madras. 

Started by IIT Madras alumni Tarun Mehta and Swapnil Jain in 2013, the duo returned to their institute’s incubator to develop a battery pack.

Why Scooter Rentals is Hot

Last week, scooter rental company Bounce raised $3MM in debt, taking its total fundraising to $25MM, hot on the heels of Ola’s $100MM capital deployment into Bounce’s competitor Vogo. 

Surprising Scooter Statistics

India is a densely populated country, and given the limitations of space, roads obey the same laws of density. 

India’s road network is one of the densest per square km in the world, standing at 1.70km of road per square km of land, more than China and the US (surprised?).