COVID 19 Resources

COVID 19 has created an unprecedented situation where nobody knows what is next, and how to prepare for what is to come.

Every week feels like a month, with situations rapidly changing. Tools and strategies that are useful one week, may not be relevant the next.

If you are aware or need oxygen, ICU or plasma, please fill this form here. The table below shows all available resources.

Resources for Treatment

The below table consists of a list of crowdsourced resources from our community. They are currently grouped into supply and demand and further based on the type of resource.

As responses grow, we will summarize them into other categories as required.

The form below will enable you to enter either a request or a resource that you may know of. Once entered, it will reflect in the table above.

Let’s use our strength as a community to try and help each other in these times of need.

For Job Seekers

If you’re working in the Indian startup ecosystem, this time feels even more unpredictable. Startups are meant to be wonderfully chaotic, but this is a stress test like none other.

Many startups are struggling with close to zero demand due to the lockdown, while some are struggling with insane demand and trying to scale with a distributed team. Many startups are struggling to place teams they have let go, while some are struggling to build teams fast enough.

But the beauty of being in the ecosystem is that it is filled with resilient entrepreneurial teams who are determined to find a way. In this rapidly changing environment, these teams are finding things that work well, facing challenges, and learning lessons.

We believe we can come through this stronger if we share these experiences.

To come together as a community, we have created a sandbox to share what is working, challenges, and lessons learnt during the lockdown. The sandbox also consists of a job board to help companies and candidates looking for internships / full-time roles.

This will be open for anyone to use, and please share freely.

COVID19 Experiences

Enter details in this form to share what is working, what are the challenges, and lessons learnt during the COVID lockdown.

The experiences can be across functions, such as sales, marketing, product, human capital, finance and operations. Once you fill this form, the details will be visible below.

As responses grow, we will start summarizing them by function for ease of use.


If you’re looking for a role, or looking to fill roles for your company, please fill details to reflect below.

Job Roles

Please enter details of full time/ part-time roles that are open in your organization in this form. Your details will reflect below once you have filled the form.

Please update your contact information as an email for us to share profiles with you.

Job Seekers

Please enter your details in the form below (new tab here) if you’re looking for an internship or full-time role in a startup. Your details will only be shared with recruiters.

Please keep checking this page for updates on open job roles in the table above.