The Story

A Junior VC was started in 2018 with the belief that there is a whitespace on conversations by venture capitalists in the entrepreneurial and startup ecosystem in India.

This is our small way of starting a conversation. 

In case you have any feedback on the structure, design or content please feel free to comment on the relevant posts.

If you would be keen to contribute, do reach out to us at with samples of your work.


Nitin Mahajan

Building Stripe. Entrepreneur. Angel Investor.

The Team

Abhinav Ghosh

Designer, builder and a bit of everything else.

Abhinay Jain

Loves building from scratch. Co-founded Bakbuck. Works with Shop101.

Chetan Manda

Design Sherpa. Works with Sprinklr.

Keshav Profile

Keshav Bagri

Technical master. Works with Acumen.

Mazin Biviji

Product guy. Founder. Consultant.


Mitali Agarwal

Risk Analyst. Consultant. Works with Amex.

Nidhi Malkan

A Reader Who Writes. Editor. Builds Online Communities. 

Omkar Joshi

DesigNerd. Sorry, I tried.

Raj Nayan Datta

Community builder. Works with NurseryLive.

Raghav Nair

Jack of all Trades. Works with Cure.Fit.

Rohan Rai Gupta

King of puns. Founder in Stealth mode.

Saloni Profile

Saloni Goel

Business model oracle. Works with Norwest.


Saniya Chawla

Curious. Doer. Believer. Works with Innovaccer.

Saumya Goyal

Lazy workaholic. Likes to add colours to illustrations, life and her hair.

Shiraz - Profile

Shiraz Kazmi

Founder first. Works with Alpine.

Shreyans Nahar

Dreamer, Hustler, and Builder.

Aviral-Profile Photo

Aviral Bhatnagar

Storyteller. Works with Venture Highway.