Ask Me Anything

A Sunday ritual where our community members get an exclusive chance to talk directly to interesting founders on our slack channel.

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AMA#41 Abhinav Pathak of Perpule:

Abhinav shares his experience on the retail sector in India
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AMA#40 Raghav Chanda of Urban Company:

Raghav talks about his journey of scaling d2c consumer services

AMA#38 Lakshay Kalra of Carousell:

Lakshay talks about consumer applications and product management.

AMA#37 Ranjeet Pratap Singh of Pratilipi:

Ranjeet talks about building for India via platforms for vernacular content.

AMA#36 Sri Ganesan of Rocketlane:

Sri talks about customer centric products.

AMA#35 Aditya Misra of Omidyar Network:

Aditya talks about the Indian startup ecosystem.

AMA#34 Viraj Sheth of Monk Entertainment

Viraj talks about content and digital marketing.

AMA#32 Ganapathy Venugopal of Axilor Ventures:

Ganapathy Venugopal talks about investing in finance, consumer internet and healthcare.

AMA#31 Anirudh Pandita of Digital Aces:

Anirudh speaks about delivering engaging content in a digital age.

AMA#30 Sanna Vohra of The Wedding Bridge:

Sanna speaks about helping fuel India’s big fat Indian wedding.

AMA#29 Vineeta and Kaushik of Sugar Cosmetics: 

Live session with Vineeta and Kaushik, who speak about their journey launching a Rs.100 Cr Cosmetics Empire

AMA#28 Farooq Adam of Fynd:

Farooq speaks about India’s retail sector.

AMA#27 Nitin Sharma of FirstPrinciplesVC:

Nitin speaks about the tremendous growth potential in India.

AMA#26 Sumit Gupta of CoinDCX:

Sumit speaks about crypto and what’s on the horizon for India.

AMA#25 Deepak Diwakar of Mindtickle:

Deepak speaks about leveraging tech to ensure customer facing teams are on top of their game.

AMA#24 Harshveer Jain of Qtris:

Harshveer speaks about storytelling and media consulting.

AMA#23 Suhail Sameer of BharatPe:

Suhail speaks about building a robust financial service business.

AMA#22 Swapnil Jain of

Swapnil speaks about helping teams improve customer interaction and performance.

AMA#21 Aman Goel of AllinCall:

Aman speaks about his decision to become an entrepreneur right after college and challenges along the way.

AMA#20 Utsav Somani of AngelList:

Utsav speaks about his experience investing and launching AngelList in India.

AMA#19 Neel Kothari of iZooto:

Neel speaks about his journey empowering brands to do personalised marketing.

AMA#18 Vaibhav Domkundwar of Better Capital:

Vaibhav speaks about his journey from a founder to an investor in early-stage startups.

AMA#17 Anand Datta of Nexus Venture Partners:

Anand talks about his journey and learnings as an investor and shares his views on investing in different sectors.

AMA#16 Dhimant Parekh of Better India:

Dhimant talks about building Asia’s largest impact journalism platform, Better India.

AMA#15 Kush Taneja of FamPay:

Kush speaks about his learning from Y Combinator and his experience at FamPay.

AMA#14 Ajinkya Kulkarni of GrowFix:

Ajinkya speaks about his journey across multiple roles in the lending industry leading him to start GrowFix – a new platform for unique debt assets.

AMA#13 Lalit Mangal of

Lalit speaks about his experience while building a category creator.

AMA#12 Avish Rana, McKinsey & Co.:

Avish talks about his learnings from different roles ranging from a Product Manager at a startup to a consultant at McKinsey.

AMA#11 Sagar Sambrani, Barclays:

Sagar talks about his journey from college to an FX Options trader.

AMA#10 Ashish Gotham, Hedge fund Analyst, NYC:

Ashish talks about his journey from an entrepreneur to becoming a hedge-fund analyst in Wall Street, NYC.

AMA#9 Mithun Srivatsa of Blowhorn:

Mithun speaks about his incredible journey of building Blowhorn, a tech-enabled platform providing intra-city logistic services to businesses and customers across multiple cities in India.

AMA#8 Sairee Chahal of Sheroes:

Sairee talks about her incredible entrepreneurial journey building the internet for women and sheds some light on how to build a community.

AMA#7 Nitin Mahajan Head of Strategy at Stripe:

As a former partner at McKinsey Nitin talks about his career in consulting. He also discusses his new role as the head of strategy and COO of Stripe

AMA#6 Hitanshu VP at Magicpin:

Hitanshu talks about his career the e-commerce business and the major players in India and offers some helpful advice to student

AMA#5 Bhanu of Finshots:

Bhanu talks about the art of creating content and going viral, discusses future plans for Finshots and shares stories about how they got here

AMA#4 Suyash Sinha of MyScoot:

Suyash talks about some of the challenges he faced building Myscoot and how he overcame it, his personal journey and applying to Y-Combinator.

AMA#3 Abhijeet Kumar of RainCan / BBDaily:

Abhijeet talks about Raincain the operational challenges of a grocery delivery business, the impact of COVID and how he scaled to 3 lakh+ subscribers.

AMA#2 Sanchit Malik of Townscript:

Sanchit talks about going to market and how he helped his customers go online to deal with pandemic.

AMA#1 Aviral Bhatnagar of A Junior VC:

Aviral talks about everything from story telling to his take on the future of fintech to life as a venture capitalist.